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Russian Navy, Mission Found?

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6. My new piece on Putin's speech came out today at Unz Review. 

The Implications of Russia's New Weapon Systems

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WaPo: Trump’s national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin. He did it anyway.

This is the title of yet another hyperventilating piece in WaPo, where POTUS' "national security advisers" told him not to congratulate Putin and bring up an obvious false flag Skripal affair in conversation. Well, DJT showed that he is smarter than that.

President Trump did not follow specific warnings from his national security advisers Tuesday when he congratulated Russian President Vladi­mir Putin on his reelection — including a section in his briefing materials in all-capital letters stating “DO NOT CONGRATULATE,” according to officials familiar with the call.

I think it is as good time as any to start speaking in broadsides and basically give a final diagnosis to US "national security advisory" cabal an appropriate definition--it is incompetent and it is in a whole lot of an intolerable butt-hurt. A lot comes into this butt-hurt, such as General McMaster being nothing more than a peep-squeak when compared with people who are his counterparts in Russia. He is simply not in the same league as Gerasimov militarily or Patrushev intelligence wise. Nor "tough-talking" Mattis can impress anyone in Russia, not to mention that nobody in US military knows what it means to defend own country and what goes into this. The United States is in no danger of being invaded by treacherous barbaric Canadian troops or be bombed into the stone age by the mighty Mexico.  Plus, obvious barely hidden complex of inferiority. Hence childish behavior. 

Just an example, McMaster knows that none of his family, close and remote, are in any danger of being attacked by Russia, unless, of course, this Ph.D advises to attack Russia first and succeeds in his plans. It is really a simple reality, Russians do not want to kill Americans, but US establishment wants to kill Russians and the more the better. Should it come to it, they will have no problems with bombing the shit out of Moscow, St. Petersburg or Vladivostok. One of those psychopaths, Ralph Peters "resigned" from Fox today because poor fellow can not handle an actual (for once coming from Fox) attempt on telling some semblance of truth. Should, say, McMaster or whoever is in his "advisory" board ever had some of their relatives killed or maimed, or had their property blown to smithereens, or go hungry or cold for months as a direct result of a war and then suffer from crippling chronic illnesses--they may have changed their childish butt-hurt posture. But nobody among them has those experiences, all of them without exception are good ol' boys and girls, some of whom saw some brutality of war inflicted on others, but that is about it. Mattis may have flattened Fallujah but does he understand what it means to have one's own city flattened? They come from prosperity and century and a half long (in reality more) peaceful United States where the only reminder of a violence are criminal chronicles on TV and newspaper from communities from which no future officers or national security advisers emerge. Hence they always have non-stop urges to compensate for the lack of history, skills, often culture and this inferiority is not a good guide in making adult decisions. Paradoxically, DJT's undeniable narcissism and spontaneous nature may have been a good counter-balance to the advise of his so called "somebody's national security" advisory team and made him do a sensible and, in general, right thing to do. 

Today the US so called "national security" apparatus is the same as US "diplomacy"--a simulacra, a non existent phenomenon. A "national INsecurity" complex and a Deep State are more appropriate descriptions.  Moreover, it is a cabal of incompetents who are good only for palace intrigues and demonstrating their hurt feelings and who absolutely have no grasp of the world outside--it is a catastrophe. The "academe" and "expertdom" which supports this "national security" is mostly a sewer which is absolutely not qualified to pass any judgement or give advise on serious geopolitical,  military, economic, technological issues among many. The worst--they do not know history. They do not know American history, they sure as hell have no clue about 20th century military history and a real history of Russia is beyond their grasp.  So what's left for them? Sabotage. They sabotage a crucial line of communications between Presidents of Russia and USA which has a strategic global significance in preventing the world from sliding down towards a WW III, which will see hundreds of millions of people dead and more maimed and their lives destroyed. They sabotage the POTUS, who for all his personal failures, sincerely spoke many words of truth and wisdom during his campaign. In the end, they sabotage America herself--all those, however, slight attempts at finding some model which may work. This is the face of today's American "National Security" and those who serve it. They sure as hell do not serve America.

Russia’s historic recovery under President Putin and its gradual international influence shattered US pretense to rule over unipolar world. Russia’s recovery and control of its economic resources lessened US dominance, especially of its oil and gas fields.
As Russia consolidated its sovereignty and advanced economically, socially, politically and militarily, the West increased its hostility in an effort to roll-back Russia to the Dark Ages of the 1990’s.
The US launched numerous coups and military intervention and fraudulent elections to surround and isolate Russia . The Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Russian allies in Central Asia were targeted. NATO military bases proliferated.
Russia’s economy was targeted : sanctions were directed at its imports and exports. President Putin was subject to a virulent Western media propaganda campaign. US NGO’s funded opposition parties and politicians.
The US-EU rollback campaign failed.
The encirclement campaign failed.
The Ukraine fragmented – Russia allies took control of the East; Crimean voted for unification with Russia. Syria joined with Russia to defeat armed US vassals. Russia turned to China’s multi-lateral trade, transport and financial networks.
As the entire US unipolar fantasy dissolved it provoked deep resentment, animosity and a systematic counter-attack. The US’s costly and failed war on terror became a dress rehearsal for the economic and ideological war against the Kremlin ..Russia’s historical recovery and defeat of Western rollback intensified the ideological and economic war.
The UK poison plot was concocted to heighten economic tensions and prepare the western public for heightened military confrontations.
Russia is not a threat to the West: it is recovering its sovereignty in order to further a multi-polar world. President Putin is not an “aggressor” but he refuses to allow Russia to return to vassalage.
President Putin is immensely popular in Russia and hated by the US precisely because he is the opposite of Yeltsin – he has created a flourishing economy; he resists sanctions and defends Russia’s borders and allies.

Hysteria and being butt-hurt are first signs of weakness but this ageless wisdom seems to pass over those who in today's America pretend to know it all, while having no clue.

Margarita Simonyan' Manifesto.

A great post on Saker's site with RT's Chief Margarita Simonyan giving some passionate but in the same time sober assessment of Russia-West relations which are in the process of being dismantled not only by the West, which is obvious, but by Russians themselves. They had enough and they don't want to deal with West anymore. I don't blame them.

Essentially, the West should be horrified not because 76% of Russians voted for Putin, but because this elections have demonstrated that 95% of Russia’s population supports conservative-patriotic, communist and nationalist ideas. That means that liberal ideas are barely surviving among measly 5% of population.
And that’s your fault, my Western friends. It was you who pushed us into “Russians never surrender” mode.
I’ve been telling you for a long time to find normal advisers on Russia. Sack all those parasites. With their short-sighted sanctions, heartless humiliation of our athletes (including athletes with disabilities ), with their “skripals” and ostentatious disregard of the most basic liberal values, like a presumption of innocence, that they manage to hypocritically combined with forcible imposition of ultra-liberal ideas in their own countries, their epileptic mass hysteria, causing in a healthy person a sigh of relief that he lives  in Russia, and not in Hollywood, with their post-electoral mess in the United States, in Germany, and in the Brexit-zone; with their attacks on RT, which they cannot forgive for taking advantage of the freedom of speech and showing to the world how to use it, and it turned out that the freedom of speech never was intended to be used for good, but was invented as an object of beauty, like some sort of crystal mop that shines from afar, but is not suitable to clean your stables, with all your injustice and cruelty, inquisitorial hypocrisy and lies you forced us to stop respecting you. You and your so called “values.”
We don’t want to live like you live, anymore. For fifty years, secretly and openly, we wanted to live like you, but not any longer.
We have no more respect for you, and for those amongst us that you support, and for all those people who support you. That’s how this 5% came to be.
For that you only have yourself to blame. And also your Western politicians and analysts, newsmakers and scouts.
Our people are capable to forgive a lot. But we don’t forgive arrogance, and no normal nation would.
Your only remaining Empire would be wise to learn history of its allies, all of them are former empires. To learn the ways they lost  their empires. Only because of their arrogance.
White man’s burden, my ass (in English in the original text – trans.)
But the only Empire, you have left, ignores history, it doesn’t teach it and refuses to learn it,  meaning that it all will end the way it always does, in such cases.
In meantime, you’ve pushed us to rally around your enemy. Immediately, after you declared him an enemy, we united around him.
Before, he was just our President, who could be reelected. Now, he has become our Leader. We won’t let you change this.  And it was you, who created this situation.
It was you who imposed an opposition between patriotism and liberalism. Although, they shouldn’t be mutually exclusive notions. This false dilemma, created by you, made us to chose patriotism.
Even though, many of us are really liberals, myself included.
Get cleaned up, now. You don’t have much time left.
Not much to add here, really. I highlighted one (among many) very important point in Marga's message and that is what this blog was and is about since the inception, that is what forced me to write a book and start working on a second one. I can only reiterate what I stated 4 years ago. Detachment from reality and lies can last only so long without consequences. Consequences are coming now and we only begin to feel their dramatic effect. I quote myself:

But the conventional wisdom states that sand castles do not last.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Message Was Delivered And It Was Received.

For many people who are too excitable, excusable though it is in our crazy times, they wanted the US power "elite" running out scared shouting "we surrender" after Vladimir Putin's March 1st revelations of Russia's major advancements in cutting edge weaponry. Add here now a stunning, even against well understood guarantee, Vladimir Putin's victory in presidential elections and a mandate given to him by overwhelming majority of Russian people. But things do not work in the way people (many of them) want them to work. 

Yes, after Russia revealed her, some rather stunning, weapons some US Senators definitely decided not to taunt the fate and, while repeating same ol' lies and accusations,  at least try to imagine that they have something of value to say. Obviously, this attempt was full hardy but at least it was something. Now, people who really matter in this case began to speak:

Trump says he will meet Putin to discuss ‘arms race that is getting out of control’ 

And this was precisely Putin's message on March 1st. It was not about Russia attacking the US--who in their own mind would come up with this insanity in a Russian culture which knows and abhors a war. Nor is Russia interested of "conquering" Europe, let alone Eastern European limitrophes--who needs freeloaders? Russia wants to talk and she wants to talk about many things with the United States which has now some heavy lifting to do on its part if it wants to remain relevant and influential in the next several decades. I will not lie, it is with a degree of bitterness that I am resigning myself to the reality of Russian-Chinese emerging union, since I know and love so much in real American culture (and cuisine--how can one live without chicken fried steak is beyond me) and as I stated not for once--historically the US and Russia are natural allies. But why it was not meant to be, once my books comes out--buy it, it may help to understand why.

But, as I stressed more than a year ago--the United States had very little to offer Russia. It has even less to offer to Russia today, but what the United States can offer which is a real tangible is agreement in principle that the discussion on new global security configuration should start immediately. It has to be understood, that this new configuration does not see anyone as having a right to act unilaterally on any serious geopolitical contingency. Is UN platform good for this? I doubt it, but it is just me and I could be wrong. As per arms race--I have to back Putin up, there will be no arms race. Russia will continue to maintain a decisive edge in a number of military technologies but Russia will not use them against anyone. If somebody decides to attack Russia then, well... Call it, if you wish, a guarantee against some unbalanced people who may come to power in some well-armed nations. So, it is good that Putin and Trump will meet and start talking. Long overdue. But a lot will also depend on how this sheer insanity of Russiagate and those who perpetrated it will be removed from power. 

Meanwhile in what can only be used to illustrate a famous principle that karma is a bitch, a butcher of Libya is facing some serious questioning. Actually, Libya is one of those cases where US' hand was forced by her allies of France and UK, who ran out of SMART munitions pretty fast in their pursuit of desirable macho status. Couldn't have happened to a "nicer" man, I have to say. 

Meanwhile, not only Russian combat lasers are now operational, but if not having enough grasp of a terrified world, Russians developed even more terrifying laser weapons. Totally inhumane and evil.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Milos Obilic And Kosovo......

Milos Obilic who is known to Russians since Soviet times (and earlier)--his picture killing him a Sultan in every Soviet history books for school. A holy Orthodox warrior--for a Cross. This is how it sounds today--Kosovo Polje, Kosovo is Serbia... Kipelov says so and it is true....